Fast Food Paradise!

Hamburgers, Pitas, subs, sandwichs & sushi.  What better way to feed your hungry customers and make money at the same time. Did you ever dream about starting a restaurant, making it your own, and with a name well known locally and a customer base that comes from distant places? How about spinning that idea off into catering for all the large and small gatherings, put on by local businesses that occur year round? Fast food is a great way to make that dream come true.  Not as labor or supply intensive as full service restaurants, but still able to serve a wide range of customers and provide extensive catering services.  If these ideas get your juices running, then consider buying an established business.  These businesses come with an established customer base, simple operations (not necessarily easy), and some marketing efforts already tried (and evaluated). Call me. I can put you into your fast food dream business!

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